Mom, I See War Digital Museum Preserves and Supports Children's Artwork Documenting Real War Experiences

יוני 1, 2023

The Mom, I See War (MISW) digital museum, part of the newly launched Mom, I See Foundation, launches its global platform dedicated to documenting artwork created by children who find themselves in the midst of a full-scale invasion of their country. With a vast collection of over 15,000 children's drawings, the digital museum provides a powerful testament to the impact of war on young lives. Notably, the platform will also serve as a means to raise funds for educational programs and scholarships benefiting children affected by war.

Using innovative blockchain technology, MISW’s team has successfully digitized and archived thousands of drawings collected during the full-scale war in Ukraine. Visitors to the MISW digital museum can now explore these poignant artworks and delve into the stories behind them. Additionally, the platform allows viewers to contribute financial support to programs and scholarships aimed at aiding children affected by war.

"Through the MISW digital museum, we are creating a global platform to amplify the voices of children affected by conflict to ensure their stories and experiences are heard and remembered. The museum will not only showcase the Ukrainian collection, but it will also serve as a beacon of hope, inviting artwork from other conflict-effected countries to join in telling the universal stories of resilience and the human spirit in the face of war," said Juliette Marquis, co-founder of the project.

In a significant collaboration, the MISW Museum has partnered with the NEAR Foundation, placing the entire collection onto the NEAR blockchain and enabling the integration of NFT technology into the museum experience. MISW actively fosters artistic collaboration by inviting digital NFT artists to draw inspiration from the MISW archive. While the original children's artwork will not be for sale, their unique derivative art pieces will be available for purchase in the future. The proceeds from the sale will go toward funding programs for children, providing a vital source of diverse creative input and financial support for the museum's initiatives.

Additionally, in taking an extra step to preserve the archive's records, the Mom, I See War Museum has partnered with the Starling Lab, a joint initiative between Stanford University and USC Shoah Foundation. This partnership ensures that vital online data remains secure amidst the threats posed by misinformation, deep fakes, hardware failure, and technological obsolescence. By collaborating with the Starling Lab, the museum aims to safeguard the testimonies and stories of these young lives for generations to come.

“Preserving the Mom, I See War collection ensures that the experiences of children impacted by war are neither forgotten nor denied, allowing for transitional justice and providing valuable insights into the resilience and imagination of young minds during times of crisis,” added MISW co-founder Danylo Tsvok.

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