About Us

Mom, I See War is a digital museum that documents real experiences of war through the artwork of children confronted by it. Through immersive digital galleries, as well as AR and VR exhibitions, our platform showcases children’s perspective on war to the world, and memorializes its importance.

NFT technology has been integrated into the museum experience, with guest artists creating derivative art built upon the archive’s collection, allowing for unique and secure digital ownership of this original art. This Web3 approach not only highlights the cultural and historical value of the original artworks, but also fosters artistic collaboration and reinterpretation in the digital realm.


Our mission is to offer new perspectives on armed conflict worldwide through the eyes of children who endure it and provide opportunities for individuals to take action to change the future of those children living through war today.


Five Ukrainians, some residing within the war-torn country while others emigrated, united their diverse talents in a quest to establish a comprehensive archive which documents the effects of war on children. This global heritage testament aims to fund programs to help change the lives of those affected by the tragedy of war.

Juliette Marquis

Danylo Tsvok

Nataliia Ulynets

Olha Kulinich

Dmytro Tsvok

Juliette Marquis

Born in Ukraine, Marquis emigrated to the U.S. as a political refugee at eight years old. As a documentary director and producer, she has tackled many social issues ranging from black-market trade disruption to social justice, biotechnology, and hackerism. Through this work, she has developed a special interest in blockchain and Web3 technology.

In 2017, she established a zero-knowledge startup, Tiaki.org, to support sexual violence survivors, and in 2020, she co-founded the media/tech company GroundStorm. Marquis is the creator of the Dent series, the director of the film Horn Maker, and a proud recipient of the Global Citizen Award. Previously, she was a ten-year veteran in experiential activations.

She served as designer and executive producer for installations such as the Activision: Call of Duty Black Ops Game Launch, Microsoft Zune Launch, and the 2020 Sundance Film Festival's Apple+ activation.

Danylo Tsvok

Dr. Danylo Tsvok is a Ukrainian Economics Ph.D. residing in Kyiv. His expertise is in intellectual property rights, Web3, as well as artificial intelligence innovation. He has served as an adviser to several Ukrainian parliamentarians in this capacity.

Dr. Tsvok co-founded a dynamic social startup, the national photo gallery "Ukrainian Moment" and currently is the President of "ICO LAB UA," a non-profit organization fostering the integration of Web3 technologies in creative industries.

He has been recognized and honored with prestigious state awards for his outstanding contributions to Ukrainian society.

Nataliia Ulynets

Nataliia Ulynets is a Ukrainian seasoned communications specialist who has established herself as an authority in reputational and crisis communications.

Spanning over ten years, Ulynets has demonstrated proficiency across commercial, political, and public sectors on both national and international arenas. Nataliia is the proud founder and CEO of Perfect PR, a renowned Ukrainian communications agency based in Lviv, which recently took the top prize at the prestigious European Excellence Awards 2022

In 2019, Nataliia has been instrumental in creating and lecturing at the "Reputation Management and Crisis Communications" program at Ukrainian Catholic University and at the LvBS master's programs.

Olha Kulinich

Dr. Olha Kulinich is an esteemed law professor at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine, specializing in intellectual property and information law. With more than 200 scientific publications, she has established her expertise in several legal fields.

In 2022, she took the helm of the Intellectual Property Academy at the Ukrainian National Office of Intellectual Property and Innovation. Beyond her academic commitments, Dr. Kulinich is known for creating educational initiatives for children, such as "KARAKULI," promoting creativity and innovation. Moreover, she has been instrumental in developing and enhancing the platform "creative-academy.com.ua."

Dr. Kulinich also serves as a lecturer for the "Portal of Creative Ideas" within the educational framework of "School Superheroes" at the National Specialized Children's Hospital "Okhmatdyt." Her contributions have led to numerous institutional awards recognizing her impact on the professional and social landscape.

Dmytro Tsvok

Dmytro Tsvok is a Ukrainian tech marketing professional living in Kyiv. With a wealth of experience spanning eight years, he has established a strong foundation in various facets of digital marketing, including performance marketing, media buying, traffic management, social media management, and constructing effective sales funnels.

Dmytro's expertise lies in implementing innovative digital strategies tailored specifically for corporate and government spheres. With a commitment to leveraging cutting-edge digital advancements to revolutionize professional communities, since 2019, Dmytro has served as the Head of the Digitization Department at the National Qualifications Agency of Ukraine, a key state organization in providing favorable conditions for the development of human capital through the interaction of education and the labor market.


The realization of this project would not have been possible without the invaluable support of our distinguished partners.


We are honored to collaborate with esteemed organizations that have played a vital role in shaping the museum into the world heritage site it is today.