In regions torn apart by conflict, children face an acute and heartrending vulnerability. Their young minds are ill-equipped to process the overwhelming devastation that engulfs them, leading to a staggering number facing severe and life-altering trauma.

The Mom, I See Foundation has been established to address this urgent issue head-on by fostering programs for psychological resilience in these young lives and creating avenues for them to unlock their innate potential. Your generous donations will be directed towards programs that have undergone thorough assessment and demonstrated a positive impact on the mental well-being of children and their families affected by the war. Your contributions will directly support a variety of programs aimed at providing assistance and enhancing future opportunities for these young lives affected by war, such as:

Scholarship opportunities: Financial support for the education of children whose schooling has been disrupted by conflict, ensuring that they continue to have access to quality education and brighter prospects for their future.

Trauma therapy: Specialized psychological care and counseling for children who have witnessed or experienced the horrors of war, helping them cope with and heal from their emotional wounds.

Educational programming: Creating and implementing innovative educational programs that foster resilience, empowerment, and critical thinking skills, enabling children to better navigate their lives amid the challenges posed by war.

Through your generous contributions, you become an integral part of transforming the lives of children affected by war, paving the way for a brighter future.