Juliette Marquis

Born in Ukraine, Marquis emigrated to the U.S. as a political refugee at eight years old. As a documentary director and producer, she has tackled many social issues ranging from black-market trade disruption to social justice, biotechnology, and hackerism. Through this work, she has developed a special interest in blockchain and Web3 technology.

In 2017, she established a zero-knowledge startup, Tiaki.org, to support sexual violence survivors, and in 2020, she co-founded the media/tech company GroundStorm. Marquis is the creator of the Dent series, the director of the film Horn Maker, and a proud recipient of the Global Citizen Award. Previously, she was a ten-year veteran in experiential activations.

She served as designer and executive producer for installations such as the Activision: Call of Duty Black Ops Game Launch, Microsoft Zune Launch, and the 2020 Sundance Film Festival’s Apple+ activation.