Art Project in Ukraine Gives Voice to Children Amidst Wartime

March 8, 2022

A groundbreaking art project called “Mom, I See War” has been launched throughout Ukraine, inviting children to express their experiences during wartime through artwork. This initiative serves as a platform for young minds to share their unique perspectives and emotions in response to the challenging circumstances they have faced. Children from all regions of Ukraine are encouraged to depict their personal encounters during wartime, aiming to deepen our understanding of the significant impact that conflict has on the lives of young individuals. Through their artistic expressions, these children can effectively communicate their thoughts, feelings, and stories in a visually compelling and impactful manner.

The project began in the harrowing early days of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. A remarkable story unfolded, centered around the bravery of a nine-year-old girl named Dasha from Sumy. As the deafening bombardment echoed overhead, Dasha sought refuge in a basement, where she channeled her hope and resilience through her art. This profound moment became the catalyst for the creation of the Mom, I See War Museum — an initiative that would capture the essence of children’s experiences during wartime.

In a display of unwavering determination, Dasha depicted the President of Ukraine as a symbol of strength and hope, firmly believing in the country’s ultimate victory. Alongside the portrait, she meticulously inscribed the powerful words, “Ukraine will win!” Her artwork became an emblem of her unshakeable faith, inspiring millions of Ukrainian children who shared her sentiment.

Dasha, 9 years old, Sumy

Danylo Tsvok, one of the project’s co-founders, recalls how this poignant narrative, shared by Dasha’s sister, served as the catalyst for the project. “We were so inspired by this story of Dasha… We realized that there must be thousands of such stories that painted a much larger picture.” Recognizing the wealth of untold stories waiting to be unveiled, the team embarked on a mission to gather these narratives and create the most comprehensive wartime archive of children’s drawings the world had ever seen.

Through the Mom, I See War Museum, Dasha’s story remains etched in the collective memory, serving as a poignant reminder of the indomitable spirit that resides within Ukrainian children. Each drawing collected becomes a unique thread in the tapestry of resilience, reflecting the diverse experiences and unwavering hope of a generation impacted by conflict. The project not only celebrates the artistic expressions of these young minds but also invites society to empathize, understand, and learn from their stories. By immortalizing their narratives within the museum’s extensive collection, the project aims to foster dialogue, compassion, and a shared commitment to a peaceful future.